More of our favorite feline friends

Jaws (1990?? - )
Probably hit by a car, he was found in a shelter with his
jaw locked in a closed position. After two surgeries, he became a happy
boy who could eat again. His favorite music? You guessed it ...
the theme from the movie, JAWS.

Melissa (1993 - )
A rotten little tabby cat, full of mischief ... but my baby.
Her favorite song? "Devil or Angel"

Ringo (1987 - )
The dogs came and suddenly, Ringo's former owners scheduled him for euthanasia ...
Such a thing should never happen to a cat - or anyone!
His current favorite song is "All You Need is Love"

Simone (2000?? - )
Just a wonderful cat! Simone has a rare disease. She has Diabetes Insipidus.
Check out DI Central to learn more about it.
If you have pet with DI, you can click here to send Simone email.

Truman, age 20
Truman (1982?? - )
Without a doubt, the cutest cat in the world ... even now,
in his 20's! Truman's motto? "If you like to eat, stay in the kitchen."

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