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What Puff has learned about Diabetes Insipidus
through study and living with the condition

This page is currently under construction. But Puff really wanted some
information put on the page NOW because she is sure that
many cats and dogs are suffering needlessly with this condition.

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It all started with Puff …

When we adopted her in 1990, she seemed like a normal enough three year old cat. She was shy but sweet. She purred and napped. She loved tummy rubs. Then, about three years after she came to live with us, she started drinking. A LOT! We took her to the vet. Maybe a kidney infection … so we tried antibiotics. She was worse. She seemed to live in her drinking bowl. She slept next to it. She demanded ice every time the refrigerator door opened. She lost nearly a third of her body weight! It took nearly 5 months to get a diagnosis: Puff had central diabetes insipidus.

Diabetes Insipidus Topics
  • It all started with Puff ... DI Central home
  • What is diabetes insipidus
  • How is DI diagnosed
  • What are the problems with the water deprivation test
  • A safer way to determine if your pet has CDI
  • If your pet has been diagnosed with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
  • Traditional treatments
  • Treatment of central diabetes insipidus by subcutaneous injection of desmopressin
  • References
  •      Where your vet can get more information and help
  • How to treat by subcutaneous injection of desmopressin
  •      What you need
  •      How much to use
  •      Breaking into the bottle and transferring the drug
  •      Pictures to guide you the first time through
  • What about using the pills?
  • How to keep the cost down
  •      A cost comparison - eye/nose drops vs. injections
  • Puff's opinion - Use the injections … here's why
  • A picture gallery of pets with diabetes insipidus
  • Puff's story
  • These are the DI topics we plan to cover on this web site. Pages that are already written appear as links in the topic listing. Others will be added as soon as we can get them written. We currently have information on all these topics, so, please, email us if you want or need the info now. We will be happy to share any information we have. You can send email to

    Puff wants you to know that she now lives with two other cats who have DI.
    You can write to them too!
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    DI is a hard disease to understand. Much of what we have learned about how it must feel for our animal friends to have this disorder comes from what people with DI tell us. One good source of information about DI in people is the Diabetes Insipidus Foundation. DIF is a non-profilt organization that strives for improved treatment, and ultimately the prevention and cure of all forms of diabetes insipidus through research. They promote a greater public awareness and understanding of the disease and serve patients and their families with informational materials and a quarterly publication of Endless Water. Please visit their web site at

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     Information on these pages is the result of personal experience and study.
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