Memories are forever ...

Serena (left) and Sunny (right), are known as the bag ladies. Someone placed them together in a plastic bag and threw them from a car at a busy intersection. Sunny is currently working to overcome some serious medical problems. Serena has Uncontrollable Purring Disease (UPD) and hopes never to recover. Sunny's song is "It Don't Come Easy." Serena's song is "Ragdoll."
Despite her best efforts and those of many veterinarians, Sunny died on December 3, 1998. She is missed by all.
Serena left us to join her sister on July 27, 1999.
She also left a hole in our lives.

Spike, lounging around the house, contemplates her past as a feral parking lot attendant. Her song was "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." She had kidney disease and heart disease, but lived to be about 18.


1981 - 2003

CRF  8/01,
hyperthyroid, tapazole 8/00,
hypertensive 12/99

1987 - 2002
CRF since 6/99

1983 - 2002

CRF since 9/97
hyperthyroid, I-131 8/96
hypertensive since 1998

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