Fluids 'R' Us

Sometimes our furry friends need a little help from us. Here are a few who have achieved better living through subcutaneous Lactated Ringer's Solution.

The cats on this page get fluid therapy and all (except Ziggy) have chronic renal insufficiency (CRF). Ziggy get fluids for his chronic constipation. Some get fluids twice a day; some once a day; others less frequently. Emma has compiled a list of aids to living with CRF.
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For the best and most up-to-date information on treating cats with CRF, read
Dr. Katherine M. James lectures on CRF. Have your vet read them too!
CRF Lectures

Truman Callie
Truman (Born 1982,
CRF since 6/98,
hypertensive 6/98)
Callie (Born 1982,
CRF since 8/98,
diabetes mellitus since 8/97,
hypertensive 1998,
hyperthyroid, I-131 1/97)
Emma (Born 5/1/80, CRF since 9/96,
hyperthyroid, I-131 7/94,
hypertensive 6/97)
Sugar CreamPuff
Sugar (Born 1984,
CRF since 2000)
Puff (Born 1987
CRF since 1/01, diabetes insipidus 6/93)


Ziggy (Age - unknown
Fluid therapy off and on since 2/01,
diabetes mellitus 1/97,
diabetes insipidus 4/97,
hypertensive 1999,
FIV positive)

Roxy (Born 1986?
CRF since 2001?,
hyperthyroid 9/00, I-131 1/02)

Click here to see pictures of kitties (some used to be on this page),
but who have crossed the bridge.

If you are treating a CRF kitty, consider joining the on-line community CRF Support List.

Sometimes people need help to treat their CRF cats.We support the IMOM CRF Kitties fund. Donations help special animals get treatment.
IMOM CRF Kitties Fund

You can support CRF research and honor Dr. Kathy James, who has helped so many CRF kitties, by donating to the Dr. Kathy James Fund.

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