A few of our favorite feline friends
(We'll add more as time goes by.)

Emma, adopted as a kitten in 1980, is still the senior cat. Emma's song is "Born to be Wild." For her next birthday, she is expecting
a party, a Harley and a black Chow.

Spike, lounging around the house, contemplates her past as a feral parking lot attendant. Her song is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."

Ziggy, aka the DOA cat, suffers from diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus and FIV, but he doesn't suffer much! Ziggy's song is "Brown Sugar"

Puff used to have a drinking problem before she discovered DDAVP. Now she has time to contemplate other diseases and conditions which might allow her to spend lots of money. Puff's song is "Handel's Water Music" and she likes to play it LOUD!

If you have a cat or dog with Diabetes Insipidus, email PUFF and tell her about your pet.
Puff has lived with DI since 1993 and will be happy to share what she has learned about the condition, how it is diagnosed and the most efficient and least expensive treatment.

Visit DI Central to see what Puff has learned about DI.

Tabby was rescued by a kind veterinarian from some awful people. Her favorite CD is "Tabby Road."

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