Cats are solitary creatures ...

or so we were told many years ago by an otherwise
knowledgeable veterinarian. But through the years,
our own observations have caused us to see the truth.

Here are a few pictures ... judge for yourself!

Spike, Sugar and Truman
Spike (front), Sugar (right) and Truman relaxing on the couch.

Dinah, Dewey and Huey
Three cats in a bed ... first one in gets squished!
Dewey (on the bottom), Dinah (back to picture) and Huey

Annie & Ziggy
Annie (left) LOVES Ziggy!
Ziggy's a playboy and loves EVERYONE!

Spike & Tiger
If you can't find someplace soft to lay, use a cat as a pillow.
Spike (on top) and Tiger.

Cats on a couch
How many cats will fit on a couch anyway?

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