Ask Alice

Dear Alice,
    Why should I neuter my male cat? It seems like an unnecessary expense since he’ll never present me with a litter of kittens. I hate to take his "fun" away from him!
-- Tom N. Around

Dear Tom,
    When humankind domesticated cats, they brought us into an environment incompatible with our natural survival methods. Consequently, people are now responsible for our care. Unwanted litters turned out into urban environments cannot be expected to survive. Each cat deserves a home with people who love and protect him. This cannot be achieved until the cat population has been controlled with spay and neuter procedures.

Truman, Arlo, Zayfod and Calvin demonstrate that neutered males are less territorial.

    In addition to population control, there are other advantages to altering your pet. A neutered male cat may live 12-20 years. Un-neutered, he will generally live no more than 7 years. This life expectancy difference is because intact males are more prone to extensive roaming and to fights with other cats. Roaming and fighting increase the likelihood of death by disease and injury. Behavior problems are associated with both intact males and females. Both sexes show innate territorial and sexual drives that make them a problem in your household. In particular, unaltered cats may spray and exhibit other inappropriate litter box habits. These behavior problems are generally eliminated by having your pet altered.
    To make your cat a more acceptable member of your family whose company you will enjoy for years, and to help reduce the number of unfortunate cats left to fend for themselves in an inhospitable environment, PLEASE, spay or neuter your cat.

Yours in sterility,
-- Alice

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